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Best 20 Companies That Pay You To Test Websites

There are many companies willing to pay you for trying and making reviews of websites. All you need to do is test websites or mobile apps and provide feedback. This is one of the best ways to make money online from home.

What Is Website Testing?

Once the website is up and running and has been tested by experts, they often need users like you to try them out.

There are websites where you will sign up for the available tests and, if you have been selected, you will be given the instructions you will need to complete a test.

Usually for between 10 -20 minutes, and consists of giving your opinion about what works well and what is confusing.

Your clicks and keystrokes will be recorded so the site owners can see what you are doing. It may also be necessary to have a webcam and a microphone so that they can see their reactions and thoughts aloud.

Being a tester is about being able to give a detailed and honest report about how you found your experience with the application or website. You do not need to be a genius of technology, all the complex material is in charge of professional testers, and you just need to be able to articulate your experiences as a user.

What Are The Requirements?

To be a tester you must have certain attitudes and have at least these requirements:

  • PC or Laptop, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet
  • Good Internet connection
  • Tools to make Screenshots
  • Microphone & Webcam (some companies might need this to record a video about the review)

Below we present a variety of web pages where you can start working doing testing and making money online.



On this site you can earn from $ 10 to $ 15 for 20 minutes of work. You just have to send your email address to apply and start being a tester of websites. Before you start you must perform a test before receiving any assignment. People from the US and people from other countries can work on this platform. PayPal is the payment method.



To work in Userlytics you must have the webcam and the microphone. It has multiple tasks to perform; they can vary between a single web page and several websites at the same time. A testcan last between 10 and 20 minutes.



It is a platform that pays you for testing applications or web pages, designers and developers request your opinion and that of many other users and pay for our answers.



Through StartUpLift people who have websites can present them so that other users can review them. Companies that choose to present their startup sites in StartUpLift have the option to offer cash prizes to people who leave the best and most useful reviews on their sites.



This company monitors the screen of your computer through the screencast software to see what you are doing with your mouse. Therefore, just follow the instructions and describe the experience using a high tone of voice with the microphone or headphones, and in that way answer a question.




Pay $ 10 per test. Requires microphone Users have to complete a sample test before they can request paid tests.



This company allows test testing of websites with mobile and PC platforms. The average payment for doing the tests is $ 5 to $ 10 depending on the difficulty of the study. These can be done in 10 or up to 20 minutes.



A UK based company. They record your screen while browsing sites, and like most other sites, they expect you to provide a vocal description of their experience. The pay is $ 8 a test via Paypal.



This company is known for giving very short tests, some of which only take a few seconds. Payments vary from a few cents to a few dollars. Most tests involve answering simple usability questions or choosing your preference among different design options.



In this page not only websites tests are carried out, but also tests are done in person, directly through Skype. You must report to a client’s office and perform the tests at the client’s office. This process is also known as “guided tests” since you will have the help of a moderator through the process.



This company is mainly engaged in beta testing and new alpha software. You will be looking for bugs and reporting them quickly based on that test. The salary is potentially quite good compared to other jobs in this category.




This site controls testers who complete mobile tests and other websites for companies. Prices are quite varied due to the variety of tests that can be performed but can range from $ 5 to $ 25.



This platform has an app with which you can do the testing. You must register and download it from Chrome or iOS. Here you can talk while doing the testing and each test has durability between 5 and 15 minutes.



UserInput is practically a new site for testing. It has several testing services and in addition, payments are being made through mTurk and are $ 10 per test. It also has an exclusive panel for applications known as AppInput.



On this page, the main testing is to help developers find errors and problems through websites and applications. Companies send the sites or applications offering “offerings”, which is what they are willing to pay.



This site is like the common ones where you can perform tests for other websites, apps, and software. You must also be of legal age and have the essential requirements, although some tests may require other things.

In this site, they will also pay you for finding errors and faults of other websites. An advantage of is that you can receive payments without encountering errors or problems when rating the applications or websites.



In TestBirds you can earn money online by testing other websites and also testing apps and software. Payments vary, for a 15-minute test you can pay up to $ 20.



This is another platform where remote users perform user tests on applications, software, and websites. On this site, you do not need to talk or to be recorded. Everything is governed through comments.



This platform is well known, as it works with companies such as Intuit and Paytm. Through it, developers and companies can find remote testers from around the world and detect errors and problems quickly and easily.

Do let me know in the comments if you have more Testing websites to share. Please share your personal experiences with one or more sites listed here as well.

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