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Earn Money With Best Online Captcha Entry Jobs Sites

A captcha is a system of recognition (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) to know if the user that is acceding to an application is a human or is a machine that processes data automatically.

They are used in forms that are on web pages and most typically are by means of an image that may have letters or numbers, which are usually deformed so that they are not easily read.

Why Would Any Site Pay For Simply Filling In Captchas?

Because there are companies that develop captcha resolution software for their clients and require such manual work that can only be done by humans. It is a task that seeks to reinforce the security of the companies or individuals that implement the captcha resolution as part of their session startups.

That is the reason why the captcha resolution pages pay their users. Like everything I recommend, it is a legal and completely real business model.

Important Considerations about Making Money Solving Captchas

Making money stuffing captchas is very interesting; is one of the active ways to earn money online by excellence and one of the most important things is that the amount of money that we can produce daily with it.

Therefore, the greater number of captchas resolved correctly, the greater amount of money earned that simple. In the case of captchas, we can solve as many of them as we can in a day.


  • All those who can read and write English letters and numbers can join the captcha network.

  • There are no limitations of countries; anyone around the world can join the captcha work. However, you have to make sure you can receive the payment in the country of origin.

  • Some sites require members that can resolve a captcha in 15 seconds.

  • The speed of internet connection must be at least 512 kbps.

How to Earn More

  • Together with captcha capture work try to join 5 – 10 sites so that your income online is efficient. In 30 minutes you can earn $ 1- $ 2, after completing all the work.

  • Try participating in online surveys; you can earn a few extra dollars just by sharing your opinion.

Things to Remember

  • Some captcha panels provide software to work with.

  • Many captcha sites require an invitation code to join.

  • Some captcha capture jobs will pay depending on the offer.

Advantages of Captcha’s Work

  • There is no limitation to earn money per day.

  • In comparison with other work opportunities, SCAM sites are less in Captcha.

  • It is not necessary to invest to do it.

  • The Captcha jobs do not have any IP address limitation.

Disadvantages of Captcha’s Work

  • It turns out to be more complicated compared to other online jobs.

  • High typing skills are required.

  • A good and fast internet connection is needed.

Best Sites for Captcha Entry Jobs

1. Kolotibablo

It is a page that belongs to the company LiquidSoft LTD, which is registered in the United Kingdom. It has a really low minimum payment (just $ 1) that is easily achieved in 1 work day. They are currently processed by Payza and WebMoney. Once the payment is requested, it is processed with incredible speed, reaching our accounts within a maximum period of 72 hours.


2. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is a page that will pay you promptly and safely every Monday for the work you do by resolving those captcha codes, the minimum amount of payment is 3 dollars in Paypal, Perfect Money, Payza and $ 100 in the Western Union.


3. CaptchaTypers

This is another of the best captcha sites. Once the registration is done, they can start working. The minimum payment is $ 2 and they are made within 24 hours of requesting the withdrawal. Each captcha can pay between $ 0.5 and $ 1.5 per 1000 captchas resolved. Payments are made through different platforms; Bank, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and BTC.


4. ProTypers

This is a website that deals with showing a large number of these distorted images so you can decipher them. For every 1000 of these deciphered images, you will earn an amount of money that will go from $ 0.60 to $ 1.05. Payments can be made through PayPal, WebMoney or Liberty Reserve, as long as you reach the minimum of $ 3.


5. Captcha2Cash

This captcha capture jobs provider has very good features and makes it one of the best online captcha sites. One of the advantages it has is that they pay a standard penny (or $ 0.001) for each way to enter the captcha correctly every day at any time, unlike other sites that pay $ 0.035 to $ 1.50 for each captcha income per 1000 depending on the server time. The payment methods are Payza and Perfect Money.


6. 2Captcha

2captcha is a very simple page to use where we will earn money as the name implies solving captchas. They will pay us a certain amount of money for each Captcha we solve, some more complicated than others, the more reputations we will get, the more money they will pay us for each Captcha. The methods of payment are for Perfect Money, minimum $ 1.3, Payza, minimum $ 1, WebMoney, minimum $ 0.50 and Bitcoin with 0.001BTC.


7. Qlinkgroup

You can receive weekly payments from Qlinkgroup. It’s a captcha service of two words and therefore the words square measure case sensitive. You need to enter a minimum of 800 captchas per week per ID to receive your payment. Enter 1000 Captcha can provide you with – 0.5 $ – 1.1 $. Payment is made by PayPal, excellent cash, Payza.


8. VirtualBee

VirtualBee offers different types of jobs, since 2001 and is currently part of the Lionbridge virtual solutions platform. On average, you’ll earn between $ 0.10 and $ 0.35 for each a thousand keystrokes. Minimum payment: $ 10 Payment choices; PayPal.


9. FastTypers

You have to scan and send picture copies of your identification with photo and utility bill. Not like different Captcha programs, FastTypers Captcha can generate twenty-four hours quickly. Enter one thousand Captcha can offer you – 0.7 $ – 1.5 $. Minimum payment: $ 5. Payment is created by PayPal, excellent cash, Web Money.


10. PixProfit

PixProfit could be a website that allows you to earn cash by doing “text tests” or “captchas”, for every correct captcha you pay in your PixProfit account an amount of 0.001 $, so each 1000 correct captchas area unit 1 $. To withdraw the money you need to have $ 3. Payment is created through PayPal, Web Money, and Liberty Reserve.


11. GoGetSome Captcha

GoGetSome could be a nice and higher chance to win online as a result of currently each day the servers’ square measure slow and quick giving several issues with the payment. GoGetSome provides the most effective gain level from $ 0.36 to $ 2 per a thousand entries. You’ll be able to demand group action to your simple subunit, Bank starting from $ 1.


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