How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform For You

Starting a blog can be simpler than it seems, for this you should have certain things clear, such as; the topic of the blog, which audience is targeted and most importantly; correctly choose the platform on which to build the blog. There are many platforms on the internet to make blogs, among the best known, are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, WIXTypePad, and others. Some of these are free and to use others you must pay a fee annually.

Many people who want to start a blog with the idea that it will make them famous and make a lot of money, so blogs on a free platform, but this is a mistake, creating a blog on a free platform is not recommended when you want to use the blog to work constantly and receive income. WordPress has two presentations, one of which is which is free; in it can be stored the information contained in the blog for free on their servers. However, users only receive a limited edition of the software. This is a good option for people who just want to entertain themselves by sharing information and even for those who wish to formalize the blog in the long term.

WordPress Free and WordPress Premium


In there are no costs per installation, it is easy to use, and has hundreds of themes and templates to give good visibility to the blog. However, this version of the software seems less professional, if you want to improve the blog you have to pay and also the blog does not belong to the user but WordPress and they could suspend it at any time.

Instead, uses the full WordPress software and is worth about $ 3 per month. The self-hosted blog in WordPress allows third parties to install add-ons, edit the HTML code, among other editions so that you can edit the blog as a whole professional and personally according to the tastes and designs of the blog owner. With only a small investment per month, you can enjoy all the benefits of WordPress in a self-hosting blog on your platform. This platform is ideal and widely used by business owners and business owners, and even for any other blogger who wants to expand their functionality and professionalism.



Blogger is another of the best-known platforms to create blogs, it is completely free and as it is owned by Google you can have access to various tools like AdSense, Analytics, among others. Because it is free, it does not have great advantages like and is generally used by brand builders who only want to inform and for other users who only use blogs as a hobby. However, with this platform, you can get a little income because of the ads. This is one of the advantages of Blogger, in addition, HTML code can be edited and all these benefits are obtained for free. 



Tumblr is a very social and a platform easy to use. Many users make use of it as a social network and make the most of their benefits and the option to “vote” for other publications of other users. Unlimited storage is one of the great attractions of this platform, as well as access to HTML and CSS codes for personalization. However, it is very difficult to monetize with Tumblr and the plugin options are very limited.



TypePad is one of the lesser-known platforms; however, it has proven to be one of the best, especially for business professionals and brand builders who invest in this platform to take full advantage of all the benefits. Its price is $ 8.95 per month. The price includes delivery of more features and a more professional looking site. However, most people will continue to tell business bloggers to choose a self-hosted WordPress platform because of its large community, but TypePad has its advantages. Blogs belong to the same creator uploaded to TypePad servers, the storage space is unlimited and it is easy to use. However, it is more expensive than and the customization options are limited.



WIX is a good website choice with blogging capabilities, it is ideal for businesses. With its e-commerce functions, WIX makes building your complete e-commerce website simple, although total control over your online store is somewhat limited. This platform has several advantages, including ad integration, unlimited bandwidth, domain registration options, has hundreds of aspects and has up to 20 GB of storage. Its price is $ 4.08 or more per month.

Why You Shouldn’t Create a Blog On Free Platform?

A blog should not be created for free because you will not get all the benefits of the platform that was used to make the blog, in addition, it is very difficult to monetize with a blog on a free platform. In free blogs, the domain of the blog (the URL) can be seen in an unconventional way and this affects the visibility of the blog. You can see something like; The platform suffix will always have to accompany the blog name and this is something that everyone does not like.

The platforms for making free blogs are very limited and it is very difficult to monetize with them. The information that can be supplied is also limited, and in some cases, it is not allowed to upload videos to the blog. One of the reasons why you should not create a blog on a free platform is that the blog will never belong to the user, the person who created it. This is stored in the platform database and administrators can get rid of it when they want. This happens very often, because the creators of blogs stop supplying or sharing information on the blog by placing it as inactive. Thousands of users and blog creators say that WordPress is the best platform to make a blog.

Thanks to the powerful platform of, making and managing your website could be a certainty begin mistreatment it in minutes and simply create changes to your website.

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