The Complete Review: Google Tez App

What is Tez app?

Tez is mobile payment service app launched by Google in the year 2017. It operates on Unified Payment Service(UPI), So it can be used wherever UPI is accepted.

The word Tez has become popular nowadays as most of the people in India started using it for transferring money to their family, friends, paying dinner bill etc..

The best thing about Google Tez is, It offers a simple and secure way to transfer money directly from your bank account which means no reloading wallets and separate account required.

How does Google Tez work?

Google Tez is work atop of Unified Payment Service(UPI) developed by National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI) for facilitating instant payment process.

It is set up with the guidance of Reserve Bank of India(RBI) and works for transferring funds between two bank accounts on the mobile platform.

Key features of Tez:

  • Money Transfer – Direct bank to bank money transfer.
  • Tez Shield – It works to prevent fraudulent and hacking.
  • Pay nearby – Use cash mode to easily transfer money without needing of private information.
  • Tez for Business – Works for small and large business to connect with their consumers.
  • Reward Programs – It provides rewards to the users based on transactions.

Tez app is not only for transferring money and you could also make some bucks with it. Let me show how in this step by step guide.

Step by step guide to install Tez and earn money:

Step #1: Download & Install Google Tez app

  • You can download it using this link: Download – Google Tez
  • Launch the app from the mobile drawer.
  • Select a language to get started.
  • Enter your phone number(It should be linked with your bank account) and give access Tez to view SMS, access Contacts, and Location.
  • Choose the google account that you need to associate with this service and click “Continue” button.
  • Verify your phone number through OTP received.
  • After verification, you can either choose your existing screen lock or create your own Google PIN.
  • You are almost done with this step.

Tez Review - 1

Tez Review - 2

Step #2: Add your Bank account in Google Tez

  • Select “Add Bank Account” at the top.
  • Choose your bank from the listing. You can find the list of banks supported by Tez here
  • After adding your bank account, Click “Proceed” to authenticate your bank account by typing in the last six digits of your debit card and the expiry date.
  • Create UPI PIN to authenticate your bank account. This PIN will be used while transferring money.
  • Complete the process and you are done adding your account.

Tez Review - 3

Tez Review - 4


Step #3: How to send or receive money in Google Tez

  • Cash Mode: Tap the Tez logo and use the option “PAY” to send money or “RECEIVE” to receive money.
  • Tez will search for the nearby user and choose the user whom you want to send money and enter amount and PIN to complete your transaction.


  • Apart from the Cash Mode you can also use other options for money transfer: UPI ID, QR, Phone, or by using Tez user’s phone number


In the next step, we will see how to use Tez to make money.

Step #4: Refer Google Tez App and Earn

  • Invite your friends to Tez and you each get ₹51 when they make their first payment.
  • Send Tez invite link to your friends to download the app.
  • You can earn a maximum of 50 referral rewards
  • You can earn referral rewards up to Nine Thousand(₹9000).

Step #5: Google Tez scratch reward

  • Send at least One Hundred Fifty (₹150) to your friends. You will receive a scratch card that could win you up to ₹1000. This offer is for up to 5 scratch cards a week i.e. 5 transactions to get the scratch cards.
  • Send ₹500 or more to your friends to get your lucky Friday scratch card that could win you to up to ₹100,000. This scratch will be activated on Friday at 10.00 am, So you can scratch the card and see your luck.
  • The reward amount will be automatically deposited into your bank account
  • You can also have a look at the “Offers” section in Tez to find various reward programs

Payment Proof: This is my referral invite + scratch card earnings.



Final thoughts:

Tez is an amazing app for instant money transfer, pay friends directly from the contact list, tracking transaction history is really easy as they are grouped like the conversation, rewards for every eligible transaction, safety & security, works on Android & iOS, regular updates, and multiple language support.

Do let me know in the comments about your experience with Tez.

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