How SEO Affect Your Online Business?

SEO does not need to be complicated, but it does take much work. For those at the top of their game, it usually involves coming up with a list of premium keywords, preferably long tail, so that you can target search engine users. A blog is also set up as a platform to write your killer content. Your website is optimized and you have on page and off page tactics covered. You also have all the tools, Google Analytics, SEMrush, and marketing automation tools that help keep your eye on your ranking.

Seasoned veterans are not intimidated anymore by the complexity of the tasks. The only thing that needs to be managed well is time.

For newbies, it would be great to learn steps to have possible SEO results. The ultimate goal, of course, is to get to page one of Google’s search results and hopefully stay there. Imagine the competition because there are only 10 spots that are in there.

Google always comes up with new algorithm updates which makes you adjust to them every time. Here are steps that you can do that will help get SEO results.

The first thing you need to understand and master is the psychology behind the user experience with search engines. Learning about what Google is doing and why they are doing it will help you craft your strategy to match their goals for their users.

When you search online you are looking for information that will answer your query. It has to be as accurate as possible with all the details that you need. This is done in less than a second, with Google being able to give millions of links to possible answers to your search.

The top ten links should be the best sources of information for your search query, but what if none of them provided the answer you were looking for?

Google aims to provide the best data to search engine users, if you can provide that data better than anyone else then you are in business.

You can study videos on YouTube on what happens when you do a web search. There are also videos that teach in detail how Google works when it comes to ranking straight from Google engineers themselves.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer; think about what questions they are asking, what their needs are and all other things that may need a solution.

Make a list of what their needs are and provide possible answers. These answers should be seen on your website. Come up with the best products and services that are a solution to a problem for most consumers.

There is a way to know what people are searching for by using the Google search bar.

You just type in your keywords and customers’ questions into the search bar. Google will show you a list of related searches. Write down these long tail keywords and add them to your content marketing efforts.

You can also use an advanced keyword research tool from Moz or SEMrush. They both offer free trials and have paid packages that are worth your money.

When you use the SEO tools choose a mix of most searched terms to add to your content. Use a natural voice in your writing so that your content will be easily shareable.

Content is not limited to articles in blogs anymore. It now covers webinars, video, articles, live chat, lists, how to guides and so much more.

Using a variety of content can help you answer your prospects questions and provide solutions.

Mark Zuckerberg shared that 10 years ago, most people shared and read text on the internet. Today photos and videos are the media of choice when it comes to viewing and sharing content on the internet.

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