How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money online there is a good to do it, “Affiliate Marketing“. Affiliate programs can make you earn a few extra bucks or even turn into full-time income working from home.

But, of course, just like any other home income venture there are some long-term complications. Often you’ll find that success comes not from what you choose to do but from doing what has to be done correctly and consistently.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the ideal home business for many reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t require a lot of money to get started and you don’t have to produce, stock, ship inventory or deliver any service. You will simply make money by referring clients and customers to other businesses.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?


Pay Per Sale (PPS): It’s basically an online ad pricing system. The publisher is paid base upon how many sales generates his or her advertisement.

Pay Per Click (PPC): Uses search engines advertisements to generate clicks to your website. Surely you have seen those advertise websites when you do a search on Google. Basically, you are paying the search engine a small fee, which is why it’s called Pay per Click.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): is when the advertiser pays the Affiliate for any lead generated from them to the site, involving some sort of sign-up and contact info exchange.

Why be an Affiliate Marketer

There are dozens of good reasons to become an Affiliate marketer, you have freedom and simplicity. But there are others just as important, here is a list of the top reasons to become an online Marketer.

1. No costs of product development

As an affiliate, you don’t need to worry about the high costs of product development.

2. None to Low-cost set up

If you have a desk, a computer, an internet connection and a word processing software you’re good to go.

3. Thousands of products and services to choose from

Ask yourself, what isn’t sold online these days? Affiliate networks make it easier to find products for your selling niche.

4. No Inventory

If your current situation is a small studio apartment do not worry, the beauty of an Affiliate Marketer is that you can sell high quantities of products without needing to store them.

5. Make money in your sleep

No other owned business will allow you as the proprietor to keep your doors open and make money while you are in your sleep.

If these reasons were enough to get you hooked on wanting to be an affiliate marketer, then let’s explore some sites that you can join today to start living the dream.

1. ClickBank

It’s a Marketplace platform for product developers and marketers to make money together without paperwork or agreements. It’s free to join, a simplified affiliate network with no screening process, open to anyone willing to give it a shot.

2. ShareASale

ShareASale was founded at the dawn of the millennium and it is based out of Chicago. ShareASale is an Affiliate Marketing Network that pays commissions to affiliates based on their sales. You can choose from 2500 programs to earn these commissions.

3. CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Commission Junction)

It’s an affiliate marketplace where you find thousands of products to promote and make money off of them. Blog owners loved CJ Affiliate, it helps them connect with affiliate programs offered by thousands of brands online.

4. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Is one of the most successful Affiliate Networks in the World. Leading publishers and advertisers from every corner of the planet have chosen Rakuten Affiliate Network to help increase their online revenue. Some of the biggest brands in the World have chosen Rakuten to work with including Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Clinique, Office Depot, and Starbucks.

5. Amazon Associates Program

It is the World’s first affiliate marketing program. Amazon associates make their money by advertising millions of products from Amazon. When clients used links created by the “Associates” posted on their blog, to buy Amazon products they’ll gain a referral fee. It’s free to join and very easy to use.

6. eBay

eBay’s affiliate program is called “The eBay Partner Network” it helps you make money by promoting traffic to eBay. Every time your affiliate link brings customers and they purchase something within 24 hours you’ll earn a referral fee.

7. Affiliate Window

Awin is an Affiliate Network that operates worldwide, it’s the new name for Affiliate Windows. It has over 100.000 publishers and 6000 advertisers. Awin connects Customers with Brands in more than 180 Countries.

8. LinkConnector

It’s an affiliate network that helps merchants and online businesses increase their sales through Affiliate Marketing.

9. Neverblue Affiliate Program

Is committed to offering endless opportunities for advertisers and affiliates with the aid of creative service technology. Today, NeverBlue has become a fast-developing premier global affiliate network. Hundreds of thousands of advertisers and affiliates choose to work with them.

10. PepperJam Affiliate Network

They’re known as THE largest affiliate network in the whole World, leveraging exclusive publishing distribution, technology development, and strategic planning, delivering better pay for performance results.

11. JVZoo

It’s an affiliate Marketing platform. It allows their sellers to easily list and promote their products, increasing their sales. Also allows affiliate marketers to easily find these products at great prices for promotion.

12. Commission Factory

They take pride in being one of the few platforms out there being created by Affiliates for Affiliates, they offer everything you might expect from any Affiliate Network, with the added bonus that they fully understand the struggles of being a first-timer affiliate and offer the proper guidance.

13. Avangate

This Affiliate Network uses a pay per action business model that earns your money back in no time, which is one of the advantages of it. Avangate increases the competitiveness of your affiliate programs easily through performance tiers.

14. Flexoffers

It’s an Affiliate Network that brings together advertisers and publishers alike. Flexoffers is a place where Advertisers can unload their advertisements to publishers.

15. Avantlink

It is a cost per sale affiliate network, meaning that you’ll be paying a commission per sales basis. It’s a strictly an e-Commerce affiliate network, a place where website owners and bloggers hook up with merchants in exchange for a commission.

16. RevenueWire

It is an Affiliate Marketing Company that operating an e-Commerce platform for online businesses only selling digital and software products.

17. ReviMedia

They are one of the top online marketing company in the industry. Thanks to their approach to Affiliates and Advertisers and helps them empower their performances with simplified and automated online marketing.

18. AdCombo

It is a CPA Affiliate Network which works with region’s offers with which no other CPA networks have worked before.

19. AffiBank

Are an Affiliate programs network and a marketplace, it categorized all websites that pay affiliates like you each time you send a buying customer.

20. ClixGalore

It is a large affiliate network made of thousands of merchants in affiliate programs and just as many affiliates in a global pay for performance advertising solution.


It is a Cost per action network that handles affiliates for several online merchants. They are an Affiliate Network, not an Affiliate Program.

22. MaxBounty

Is yet another cost per action network affiliate marketing network that provides marketers with the opportunities to become affiliates for many different companies.

Do let me know in the comments if you know any other websites for affiliate marketing. Please share your personal experiences with one or more sites listed here as well.

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