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Today, thousands of people are looking to earn money online to meet their needs. Especially the young and student population have concentrated on doing any type of work using computers and other devices that work through the large global network. However, this type of work can be done by anyone, from students to housewives and professionals in their free time. But not all people have the skills or the willingness to perform them, since there are some that require certain knowledge and others do not. For them, the Micro Jobs are the best option because they pay for the individual efforts made by each person.

What Are Micro Jobs?

The best micro jobs sites are an idea imported directly from the USA, where freelance work and Internet marketing are widely spread as an efficient way to make money online.

The micro jobs are quick tasks that can be performed in short periods of time. Most of the tasks or jobs are quite simple to do and most people, simply with knowing a bit about the internet can do it without any problem.

In micro jobs you can do a wide variety of activities, among the most common are the following:

  • Create accounts or register on websites
  • Subscribe on newspaper sites or newsletters
  • View posts and share them on Facebook or other social networks
  • Publish information in forums and blogs
  • Create email accounts for other people
  • Qualify Android, iOS or other operating system applications, etc.

The tasks or tasks that can be done can be infinite, everything depends on the skill and knowledge that each person has, and the work that this person can offer.

Earlier this type of jobs were only available from limited domains but with the advent of the Internet and the band’s growing penetration, online micro job opportunities are becoming very popular among those who want to do the job.

Best Micro Jobs Sites:

In this article, we will release a list of the best websites to find best micro jobs. You can make these small part-time jobs from the comfort of your home.

Amazon Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a portal closely-held by Amazon (and that uses its technological infrastructure). this enables you to: define your HIT (including the required output, the format of the output, the way within which your work is done and the way to complete the lot), load variant HIT within the market to be allotted, Qualify the employees, pay just for the standard work and recover the results through the genus Apis. The platform aims to create access to human intelligence straightforward, ascending and profitable.

It is a market that consists of a crowdsourcing platform that needs human intelligence. This platform serves for easy jobs and low unit that need a particular level of intelligence that a machine cannot do.

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Microworkers is a page of crowdsourcing model, in which we can earn money, by doing small tasks or mini-jobs of a few minutes.

They are very simple tasks to perform, once you take the trick. With Microworkers we can earn a few dollars a day and the best thing is that it will only take a few minutes.

To perform a task we must only click on the mini-job that we want to perform and read the instructions given to perform this task perform it and present the respective tests.

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It is the leading company in the crowdsourcing services sector. First, this company is responsible for bringing together thousands of jobs offered by different websites, organizations and companies. Then, these jobs are divided into small tasks called micro jobs.

The real job of CrowdFlower is to be the mediator between the companies and the users who will finally do the mini-jobs. These companies pay for certain tasks to complete, and this platform is responsible for classifying them, establishing payment for each one and then distributing them among its members.

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RapidWorkers is a page where we earn money by completing various types of tasks. The truth is that there are doubts between qualifying RapidWorkers as a crowdsourcing site or GPT site. Finally, it remains in the GPT section for the type of work that it offers, and that goes from the registration in web pages to the writing of texts.

The dynamics of RapidWorkers is not very complicated and it is a site with which you get to know right away. When we enter the page, the first thing we see is the menu, which gives us an idea of the type of work that we will find here.

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Short Task


ShortTask is predicated on the thought that there is a unit stills several online jobs which will not be replaced by technology. Whether or not researching elaborate data, transcribing audio or video recordings, distinctive objects in images or videos, or making written content, some works area unit higher done by humans.

From this ineluctable truth, ShortTask was born. ShortTask has created a community of candidates (companies or people United Nations agency want many tasks performed while not hiring internal staff) and solvers (workers United Nations agency will complete these jobs virtually). With the assistance of ShortTask, these search engines and solvers will connect and do business.

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Clickworker is a platform where you can earn money by doing tasks normally in English and from time to time in Spanish.

Clickworker is a basic that we must always have on hand to make money online when many tasks appear we can earn a lot of money without the need for referrals.

It is not about investing money but rather time because this is a website in which the more time you spend more money you earn, as long as there are tasks available.

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This platform is focused only on services with respect to SEO web positioning, which is why it is very convenient to offer services in SEOClerks since to achieve a good web positioning a webmaster needs graphic design for their social networks, community manager to manage content in networks social, writing original documents, person with knowledge in programming and technology, in addition to everything that represents having an online business.

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Is an online market full of freelancers ready to take a project and make it a reality; and being part of that world is quite simple since the site has an interface that is easy to understand and use. Simply enter the site and select the option “Join Now” where you can create your account and optimize it to get freelance work.

You can even activate and configure project notifications that you might be interested in, so you take some weight off by allowing Guru to do the searching for you.

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Jobboy may be a refined online job program. Jobboy’s sole purpose is to take care of job listings denote by on-line employers for workers to seek out and apply to earn cash.

Organize an inquisitive engine for members to go looking for online work from online employers. They’re the kinds that establish the road of communication between the leader and also the worker with ease.

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