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The Ultimate Guide For Making Money With Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs are one of the most effective ways to earn money online. Or so they say. At least, it’s a way to make money, that’s for sure. There are different types, so the key is to find the one that best communicates with our websites so that we can offer relevant and quality products to our readers. Amazon Associates program is one of the best and popular affiliate programs.

What is the Amazon Associates program?


Amazon has its own Amazon Associates system and is what allows you to recreate, in a virtual way, the scene narrated in the introduction of the article. Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the most important online stores that exist where you can find absolutely everything.

We cannot invest numbers, but there will be thousands and thousands, maybe millions of items that you can find in the Amazon catalog. The good thing is that there you can find everything because not only do they sell directly, but you can also sell your own articles using your system and your website, therefore the number of products you will find on the web is incalculable and with constant growth, making it a giant of the buying and selling activity.

Well, anyone can participate by taking a part of all that cake recommending products that are sold on the Amazon page. Yes, this is the part where you become a seller of any store and its products.

This is done through the Affiliate system offered by Amazon. In a quick way, in case you are not very into the subject, we will say that an affiliate system is a means by which you can recommend a product from a third party and if you generate a sale of it, you will take a commission. There are affiliations that can consist of getting people to sign up for a specific website, to sign up for a mailing, etc.

In the end, the advertiser defines an action, which you promote, and earn a percentage of the benefit. The system of Amazon Associates is very powerful, which is why we have commented, because the number of products that you will be able to promote will be incalculable, and that will be able to generate endless content for any website, whatever the topic.

How Does It Work?


Amazon’s Associate program is very simple; unlike platforms like Zanox, you do not need to have a minimum number of visits, and you can manage your affiliate yourself; you only need an Amazon account.

Amazon’s Associate program is a well-developed and very easy-to-use affiliate market program with which you can earn additional money by promoting all kinds of products sold on Amazon.

Some blogs and qualified websites can earn between 4% and 8.5% commission by promoting Amazon products with a special link that identifies them as members of the affiliate program.

If you are interested in making money with the Amazon Associate program keep reading because we have everything you need to know to succeed.

Steps You Must Follow To Enter Amazon Associates

Step 1: Start by Creating an Account

If you are one of the few people who still does not have an Amazon account, start by creating one right now.

Its 5 minutes, so you have no excuse. You just have to give your username, an email, and your password.

Access the main page and click on “Sign Up”.

There, select “No, I’m a new client” and proceed to register.

Step 2: Sign Up For the Amazon Associates Program

Now that you have your Amazon account, you can access many services such as buying items from your store. But this is not what interests you, you want to belong to your affiliate program and for this, you must apply for membership in the Amazon Associates program.

This process is a bit longer but in 10 minutes you must have it already finalized.

To register for the program, Go to Amazon Associate Website and choose the marketplace that you wish to signup for. 


After selecting it click “Join Now for Free” button on the banner and this will take you to login page.

Enter your email and password and click on “Login” to start your affiliate program at Amazon.

Then it will ask you a lot of personal information. This is for security and to be able to configure your account. You must also fill in the most important data related to your website, where you will promote the products.

When you have finished filling out the data in Amazon Associates click on next and you will have to fill in those of your website. Try to complete in detail the fields that are presented.

Finally, write the captcha and give it to finish. You already have your Amazon Associate account set up. You will receive an email within seconds of Amazon where you have to click on the activation link. Clicking on the link will take you to a page where you will see one of the most important sections and that you must configure payment methods as soon as possible.

With this, you are going to tell Amazon how you want me to pay you the money for selling your products. To do this, click on “Specify a payment method now”.

You have three methods:

  • Receive payment by gift voucher
  • Receive payment by direct deposit (bank account)
  • Receive payment by check

The most common is by bank transfer but you are free to choose the one you want. The screen is the next one. Note that there is a minimum payment. You will not be able to receive the money until you reach that payment.

In a few hours, you will receive the definitive registration in the Amazon Associates program. For this, the staff will inspect your website and weigh if it is appropriate to start your Amazon Associates program.

Step 3: Put Links on Your Website

You have already registered but to start earning money you must place product links on your website and wait for your visitors to make purchases on Amazon thanks to you.

No worries.! Amazon already has the tools required for advertising so choose the one matches with your website and start advertising the products.



SiteStripe is a toolbar that allows you to create a links for any of the product details page. You can get the link easily for desired product detail page and also can share it with Facebook or Twitter.

Product Links:


Here you can get customized text links, text and image links, and image only links to Amazon products. All you need to do is simply copy the code and paste it in your website where you want to display this Ad.



It will link to Amazon product categories and promotions using graphical banners. You can choose from variety of banner sizes and shapes.


Step 4: Track Your Sales

Take this step several times to try to sell several products. When you have finished, wait a reasonable time before tracking your sales or you will be frustrated. It is normal that you do not make many sales at the beginning since you need the experience to know which products are the best and where on your website to put them, for that, learn how to make a good banner for your website.

I took several days to make my first sale on Amazon Associates so do not worry at first.

When you’re ready and want to see how your sales are going, it’s as simple as selecting the gray bar from earlier in the “Your income summary” section. In this section, you can see the transactions and movements that have been made or in your account.

Well, you already have all the tools to work with Amazon Associates, but you have the hardest part and are to publicize the products and make sales. For this, use your best marketing skills. And remember, test, test, and test.

Now, given the above, let’s look at a couple of practical tricks with which you can get better results on your websites. As you can see, they are simple tricks, but they will allow you to earn a few tenths more in your conversion percentage.

You can also use other small tricks to make your content more reliable. For example, you can use review systems in your own posts, comparatives, product rankings, buyer opinions, etc.

Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Amazon Associates

Images with Link

A very simple trick that is applied with relative ease is to make the images redirect to Amazon. In this way, when the user is viewing your content and is interested in one of the images, click on it, and is redirected to the Amazon page.


Finally, it is also important to use buttons and other CTAs (Call to Action). And it is a common mistake is to place only normal links throughout the text. To get better results it is better to use a relatively large and striking button with a text type “Click here for more information”.

As you can see, Amazon Associates still has a long way to go and, if you apply it properly, it can allow you to get a large amount of money. So, are you willing to monetize your website with this system?

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