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How To Start YouTube Channel And Make Money

In the event that you are really looking for a way to make money online, YouTube can become a good choice. YouTube is the audiovisual social network par excellence and is a platform that every day is visited by millions of people, so your chances of making money are quite large. Google earns more than $ 4 billion annually with the advertising it puts in the videos that users upload.

The best part is that Google does not keep all the money since it has a system of distribution of benefits, so if you are an active user and a little clever, you can benefit from this advertising distribution. Although getting thousands of euros is probably not realistic, you can start earning fast money on YouTube in a matter of days, especially if you have a strong subscriber base.

In this guide, I’ll explain the steps you have to follow to make money with this social network and become the next successful Youtuber. The main objective is to focus on products and services with high demand, so then join and take a commission for each sale, although there are many more options.

Step # 1: Choose Your Theme


Before subscribing to Youtube and start uploading insane videos you must choose a topic on which you will make your videos. It should be a topic about something you like to do, about what you would like to learn, something that seems fun to you or something about which you have enough knowledge so that you can get by without any problem or embarrassment.

The themes are independent of Youtuber and can be any, within the YouTube legality. You can choose a topic about technology, music, information, news, animals, cars, among thousands of others. You just have to be sure that it is really what you want and that you can develop and renew as time goes by.

Step # 2: Create Your YouTube Channel


A channel will be your personal presence on YouTube. Each YouTube account has its own channel. An account of these is the same as those of Google and when you create a YouTube account you will get access to other Google products, such as Gmail and Drive.

Create an account or use an existing one. Add keywords that help users find your channel. To add them, go to the “Advanced” section of the Account Settings. Make sure that the keywords you choose are related to your content.

The username you choose may also be favorable or not. If it is short, easy to remember and original, people will be able to remember you more easily.

Step # 3: Upload Your Contents (Videos)

To the extent possible, try to upload quality videos by using a good camera or good software. Most YouTubers have improved their equipment over time, so do not worry if you do not have the latest technology.

Short videos are better received; it is advisable not to make them so long to prevent your audience from getting bored.

Create a schedule to upload videos; something that helps you grow quickly is to maintain a flow of new content.

Always remember to label each video you upload. These should be related to the content and services so that they can find you more easily.

Step # 4: Build Audience


Building an audience exponentially is key to earning revenue on YouTube. The more people see your videos the better, as they will see your advertising embedded in them.

There are no greater secrets to grow your YouTube channel if you create original content and quality followers will come alone. However, we will share with you some tips that can help you:

Upload content on a regular basis to have your audience hooked. This is the best way to scale that is why you should set schedules to publish new content. Publishing videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus also help in this task. Do not stay short and promote your content as if there were no tomorrow that the subscribers are what will make you earn money.

Invite your followers to share your videos. If you feel you are doing well and people like what you do, asks your audience to give you a hand. There is nothing wrong if you are making a good time or showing something useful will support you. Remember to do it at the end of your videos from time to time.

Interact with your followers by answering their comments and making videos of highly requested topics among your audience. That will help your channel grow as they will have good references from you and probably recommend you, share your videos and be more attentive to what you are posting.

Step # 5: Monetize Your Videos

The first step is to activate the monetization of your channel. By activating this option you are accepting that YouTube places advertisements on your videos and at the same time you acknowledge that they do not contain copyrighted material.

To activate the revenue, go to Creator Studio, Channel, and Monetization. There you can review your channel is eligible to receive income and the requirements that you must meet.

Step # 6: Setup Google AdSense


This is an important step to be able to collect the income for the publicity that is in your videos. Creating a Google AdSense account is free and easy to set up, do not worry it’s like registering anywhere else. You must be over 18 years of age to have your own account, if you do not meet this requirement you must have the help of an adult.

You must also have a bank account or otherwise opt to receive your money by Western Union or check. Sign up with your real information so they can verify your identity and send you the money. You will receive a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on the ads and another smaller amount each time they are viewed.

Step # 7: Get 10000 Total Views for Your Channel

The most important thing to generate revenue with YouTube is to get a good audience. Surely you are wondering what the key to getting followers is. There is no key, the only thing you will need is to upload good content. If you like your material, you will have more and more followers. A good trick is to publish assiduously to have your users hooked and, at the same time, share on social networks all the videos that you upload.

Do not cut yourself when flooding the internet with your videos, since the more people see your videos and the more subscribers you get, the greater your profits will be. Finally, you cannot forget to interact with your followers. Respond to your comments, upload videos occasionally with requests made to you, and above all, have a good relationship with them. This will attract a greater number of followers.

When you already have a good portfolio of subscribers to your channel, it will be time to maintain your audience. The most normal thing is that users subscribe to channels that offer new content on a regular basis, otherwise the time would have come when they would have seen all the videos and the channel would lose its usefulness. For that reason, as I mentioned before, you have to upload new content regularly. You can start uploading a video a week, and as you have more time, expand the number of weekly publications to the maximum you can afford.

Step # 8: Spread Your Videos Elsewhere


Sharing the videos through social networks will make it easier for visitors interested in your content. Let’s say this is the free way to do it. But you can also take advantage of tools such as Google AdWords to promote a specific video.

With a reasonable investment, you can increase traffic and, later, your income. Choose the video to promote, establish a budget and choose the target audience. Then give a short title and description to your video and continue with the final steps to create your campaign.


Embellish Your Channel

This is very important since your YouTube channel is your cover letter. In order for people to find your channel, it will be necessary to correctly configure your YouTube account or channel. For this you will access the Youtube configuration menu, so you can shape your profile.

 Review and Study the Videos Analysis

When you already have several uploaded videos that are being monetized, and that are being watched, it will be time to see how they are acting, that is, you will be able to see the estimated winnings, the times each video has been watched, the performance of the announcements, demographic data … Although this is sounding all this to you, this information is very valuable, because if something is not working as it should, it will help you to make the changes that are necessary.

In short, if it is possible to earn money online and, in addition, it is possible to do so through social networks such as YouTube, whenever you feel like progressing and getting ahead, everything is possible. We only have to encourage you to create your Youtube channel and start uploading videos to generate income. Who knows, you may soon be the one to teach me how to earn extra money on YouTube.

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