What Makes Managed WordPress Hosting The Top Choice For Any Website/Blog

Most web hosting firms were, till a few years ago, not optimized for running WordPress. Companies would either have to hire a WordPress server optimization expert or create one within the company.

But things have changed now. We now have managed WordPress Hosting. Here we will provide you with an overview of specialized hosting platforms for WordPress, which will help you understand why you can safely use them.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As the name suggests, the web-hosting type is designed and optimized specifically for WordPress websites. After a detailed study on WordPress server optimization, we learnt that a lot of things can be done to a server to enable it to deal with high traffic. Such optimization is seldom possible with managed VPS or Shared Hosting, which leaves us with the issues regarding downtimes and slowness. And that is when a specialized hosting for WordPress called managed WordPress Hosting (WP Hosting) is required.

Although WordPress blogs mostly prefer to start with low-priced Shared Hosting, a managed WordPress Host is an ideal choice as it ensures every inch of server optimization. The host’s technical team, which knows WordPress blog/website in and out, efficiently manages WordPress servers. The customer support of such a host is usually strong and provides instant solutions for any issues.

Several Managed WP Hosting companies provide server-level caching & CDN to help you keep your server well-optimized without having to grapple with hosting-related technical issues. Such platforms are good for all – be it for a big WordPress site, business WordPress blog, or for a site where a non-technical customer is involved.

Benefits of managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting basically means allowing yourself to focus on your main business, leaving the headache of daily management of WordPress to the web host. The host’s team of technology-minded professionals ensures that crucial WordPress platform updates and other site-specific updates are installed immediately as and when they are made available. The team also takes care of speed optimization, backups, and tools which enrich your WordPress experience.


Those who specialize in providing customers with managed WordPress services know this platform much better than a usual web-host. They are trained in using it in an efficient manner. Therefore, when it comes to the security of your WordPress site, such hosts can ensure an additional security, and can also manage the firewalls they create.


The biggest advantage of a proficient managed WP Hosting provider is that you have excellent customer support as compared to ordinary web hosts providing WordPress hosting services.
Several other hosts provide people with just space, as they themselves have very little understanding of a WordPress platform. So, whenever you come across a problem, these providers might not be of much help.
When you get managed WordPress Hosting, you have ready access to someone who thoroughly understands the platform and is able to help you in an efficient and effective manner.


It is crucial to have a backup while managing a website. A lot of things such as your website getting hacked, database crash, or just content disappearance can happen at any time. The usual hosting service will hardly be able to help you in such cases, and you might lose a lot of valuable data.

A managed WP Hosting, however, efficiently takes care of situations that threaten to damage your data. Managed WordPress hosts commonly include nightly backups in the cost of the service you pay for. A lot of these hosting companies have their backup services offshore, and therefore cost no additional money to the customer.

It is extremely frustrating when something you have created with much effort is lost in a jiffy. Creating a backup ensures that your content remains safe even if something unfortunate occurs.

To sum up, if you are thinking about hosting a WordPress blog and if the web hosting companies you have sought services from are not able to handle the resource requirements, it is time for you to get a proper professional managed WP Hosting provider, who specializes in WordPress blog hosting.

The costs of Managed WordPress Hosting, though on a higher side as compared to Shared or VPS, provide absolute value for money with a much finer service to a WordPress blogger. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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