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7 Open Source Task Management Softwares for Business You Cannot Afford to Miss

You are a business owner and want to see your company grow. Unfortunately, for you, things are not going as planned. There is a communication gap coupled with poor employee productivity. Add to that the messy workflow, useless meetings and unfair accountability where undeserving employees get rewarded and deserving ones are just watching and clapping.

As disturbing as it might seem, most businesses who try to manage their operations manually face the same fate. So, what’s the solution? How can I save my startup from such a situation? The answer lies in using free group task management software. There are many open source task management software available in the market that can enhance your business efficiency.

In this article, you will learn about seven open source task management software that are worth a try.

  1. Fluxday

Are you looking for an all in one solution that can cover all the facets of your business operations from idea to development to production then look no further than Fluxday. With support for multi-user screens managing, all the business operation in one place is now possible, thanks to Fluxday. Although, the focus of the software is on engineering industry because it follows the objectives and key results but that does not mean that it cannot be used for other industries.

  1. Workfront

Whether you want to create Gantt charts, perform real time reporting and analysis or want to enhance your employees’ productivity, Workfront can help you do it all and much more. With a dedicated space for employees to manage their task and one click access to everything in one place, you can rest assured that Workfront will boost your employee’s productivity. In addition to managing tasks, it also lets you manage your resources, time and collaboration in an efficient manner. With plenty of useful features preloaded in Workfront, you do not need to look elsewhere.

  1. TaskQue

TaskQue is productivity management software that helps you optimize resource utilization and maximize productivity. It’s innovative task allocation algorithm strike a perfect balance and ensures that none of your employees are either overburdened or stay free for long. Conduct fruitful meetings and record key points for future reference or collaborate on projects with your team members. Batch together similar resources and assign a task to a group instead of assigning tasks to every individual separately. Manage multiple projects simultaneously by creating separate workspaces for each project and prevent messing up any one of them.


Create your own workflow from scratch or pick one from a pre-defined workflow and TaskQue will adjust according to your workflow so that you do not need to worry about tweaking your workflows to map with software processes. Users can also create separate To-Do lists for personal and professional use to keep track of tasks. With access, control features built in, you can easily control who sees what. Best of all, it is free and cloud based which means that you can access it from anywhere, at any time from any internet enabled device free.

  1. OrangeScrum


Do you work in a company where multiple projects are underway simultaneously? If yes, then Orange Scrum is a perfect tool for tracking down multiple projects at the same time without losing sight of any one of them. It empowers your employees by giving them options to manage their workflows and see how much time and resources are required to complete a particular task. If you go for a paid version, you can take advantage of extensive features, improved customer support and video tutorials. It is simple and easy to use interface is also a welcome change.

  1. TaskFreak

Unlike the name suggests, there is nothing too freaky about TaskFreak. With its easy to use interface, this free and open source task management software let you do much more than other similar software with the help of plugins. Add a task management system to your WordPress website just by installing a WordPress plugin. Plan your work and track the time spend on each task with exceptional time tracking features. The main objective of this software is to boost the efficiency of project management and it succeeds in doing that.

  1. PinTask

For those who do not like Trello, PinTask offers an easy to use alternative that has an intuitive interface. You can do everything from tracking due dates for tasks, manage attachments and receive reminders so that all your projects are completed before the deadline. Never miss an important project deadline again thanks to PinTask.

The only downside is that you will have to purchase extensions even for features that other software are offering free such as card mirroring. If you add the cost of extensions plus the premium version costing you $3 a month, you could find a better deal elsewhere but the features set makes it worth a try.

  1. Task Coach

Last but certainly not the least is Task Coach. It is an online To-Do manager that not only let you create To-Do lists but also let you track each one of them efficiently. It uses intelligent tracking methods to ensure all your tasks are completed. With support for all major platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, you can keep track of tasks from literally anywhere. The desktop version is free to use but the mobile app especially on iOS charges you a nominal fee.


Using task management software for managing business operation can help your streamline work process, better communication and collaboration and conduct transparent accountability. You will notice a significant boost in productivity and efficiency of employees as these tools will let you access everything in one place, making their life easy. Save yourself from the hassle of manual work and eliminate the risk of project failure by switching to one of these open source task management software.

Which task management software do you use and which one is your favorite? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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