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How To Sell Photos Online And Earn Money

They say that the best camera is the one that is always on top. And since mobile cameras have evolved to produce high-quality images, many have become amateur photographers of landscapes, animals, faces or urban scenes.

Of course, what is a simple hobby, thanks to the Internet, can become a source of income. We are not talking about making a comfortable living, but we do have some extra money that can come in handy to give us a whim from time to time. How? Very simple: selling your photos on the Internet for use by companies, agencies, and media and content producers in general in their projects.

Selling your photos on the Internet is easier than you think at first. The platforms that act as intermediaries, in general, work in a similar way: you create a contributor account, upload your photos and wait for your clients. The platform charges a percentage for its services, which varies from one to the other.

Do you think you could make money with your photos? Take a look at these sites and find the one that best suits your needs


SmugMug is a website to sell your photos on the internet that has a good design and has the advantage or disadvantage according to the point of view of each person that you can put a price on your work.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will have one type or another of the website in which to sell your photos. Because of their specialization in selling photos online, they give you a place to store and sell the photos you have.


According to the experts, it is one of the best and most demanding sites. In particular, as a photographer, you can register and share photographs, illustrations and even video and audio material. While the competition is important, if your material is very good you can make agreements with this portal and get a good return in exchange for your creations.


It is a platform similar to Shutterstock that has been on the market for more than ten years. The sale price of the images will be determined by the amount of content you sell, as this will determine your rank and your level of exclusivity. These two factors combined are those used by Fotolia to determine the sale price of the image and the commission that is obtained from each one. As you sell more, the commissions will be higher.


Shutterstock is an agency that has a large stock of photographs and varied clients: magazine editors, webmasters and people who require high-quality images. You will see that it has a guide with tips and tricks, and also a forum in English to exchange with other photographers.


It is a social network for professional photographers that offer high-quality images for you to enjoy watching. As a user, you have the possibility to upload your images, in which a button will appear so that whoever wants to acquire that image can contact you.


It is a site available in several languages. You will see that the commissions and profits are very clear on the registration page. In addition to photographs, you can upload vectors, videos, and audios.


Etsy has a great advantage in terms of customers because it is a very specific market niche. It is a site oriented to the decoration of the houses so that users who are decorating their houses may be interested in acquiring photos of this style.


It is an e-commerce platform aimed at selling photos that you can integrate into your own website. The tool includes storage space in the cloud, it is very intuitive, and there are SEO accounts and several options to integrate social networks.


It is one of the most veteran pages. It is available in several languages and has a manual with very precise information about the requirements necessary to publish the images and the price of them.


This platform that has more than 60 million photographs and videos offers 50% of the sale value of each image acquired on the site. In addition, it does not require exclusivity, with which the owner can offer it in other places.


A fascinating theme to install in WordPress and turn your website into an art gallery of professionals, ideal for photographers.


If your thing is to go around the world as a tourist and take pictures of absolutely everything, this website is for you, because it allows you to sell and share all those photos related to tourism.


This website gives you a range of options to connect with your consumers and sell downloads even with little effort on your part, you can use BLUEMELON as your base of operations and direct your blog or social networks, you just need to choose or create a theme, put the price and the money will come alone.


It is not one of the best known but it is always worthwhile to keep an eye on everyone and weigh if it is convenient to put your photos in as many places as possible.

They also work by a commission system for every time someone downloads your photos. You can also earn a commission if you bring other photographers friends to the site to sell their photos.


One of the complete agencies is precisely this, because not only allows you to sell images but sell business cards, acrylic images and all kinds of prints such as vinyl and others, a fairly complete and professional website.


With this web page, you will be able to create galleries and portfolios to sell and even protect your images with a password.


This agency is among the most popular among the photographers who sell their work, it has several payment and commission systems and from the moment you are approved by the publishers, you will start earning over 20% for your downloads.


This website is a very creative alternative to generate money with your photos, it allows you to participate in image contests and the winner will receive from $ 100 dollars up to $ 500 dollars for each time you win, a pretty good option because the contests are daily and are of different themes


An agency that will allow you to obtain income even when you have not sold a single photo because the editors will tell you what types of photos you need to take and in what period of time and you will have to give them in exchange for a monthly payment, which is highly recommended.


This agency has a large catalog of images and should be considered by all photographers, the best thing about this website is that it pays you excellent sales commissions.

Art Storefronts

This agency is a complete platform for professional photographers who are focused on selling their photos as printed art. It contains a photo section for users to share ideas and photographic strategies.

Red Bubble

An agency with a unique and quality design that allows you to sell both photographs and products with your own photographs, allows you to create profiles and galleries making it easy for the user to find specific photos.


If you are a photographer who works in events, parties, festivals, etc., this site allows you to sell your photos easily. When loading the images to the platform a gallery is created where you will put the sale price for each photo. As you sell the one you will get a notification and money quickly. The maximum amount that we can value a photo is 20 dollars.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock allows not only access to a huge catalog of content, but also share your own graphic creations with the entire community of users of the service and even sell them. To facilitate the work, the new service has a powerful algorithm capable of suggesting the keywords to classify all the published content and allows uploading the creations directly from the programs of the Creative Cloud package.

Bigstock Photo

It is another very popular site. It has an extensive collection to which you can add your own creations and obtain income in exchange, which is broken down according to the quality of the photograph.


In Pexels all photographs are free to use and are under a CC0 license, which means that you do not even need to give credit to use or modify the photos personally or commercially.


EyeEm is a German startup founded in 2011 that has its operations center in Berlin. It emerges as a space of relationship for the new generation of mobile photographers that is consolidating little by little in the world. It seeks to generate a community where users can share their images and discover photos of other photographers with similar tastes.


In Foap the profits are not to shoot rockets (5 dollars per photo), but if you take care of your photographer profile to “sell” well and contribute material regularly, you can get to have an extra income.

Normally selling photos on the internet requires work and research. It is proven that you can make money selling photos on the internet but not all arrive. It’s a long road in which you need perseverance but if you’re good at what you do and feel the passion you’re probably lucky to sell photos online and be able to make a living doing what you’re passionate about.

Do let me know in the comments if you have more websites to share for selling photos online. Please share your personal experiences with one or more sites listed here as well.

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