Top 20 Ways To Monetize A Website Or A Blog

Monetizing a blog/website is the act of generating income with your own blog, generally to be able to afford the expenses of having a blog such as domain registration and hosting for blog/website among other things. These services are necessary to keep your blog on the internet and of course, if you do not have the financial means to pay for these services then you have to make your own blog manage to pay for the services on its own.

Of course, that is not the only reason that encourages people to monetize your blog, after all the cost of these services is not high, there are other reasons or more ambitious reasons that make people want to monetize a blog/website.

Digital projects that seek to obtain an economic return will have among their objectives to monetize their digital platform, be it a web, blog, an online store or any other type. If you have not yet created your blog or website, you can do it by following this steps by step How to Create a Blog guide

1. Affiliate Marketing

A very important point in the way of monetizing your website is to join the affiliate marketing programs. Through them, many companies dedicated to e-commerce offer money to sites from which buyers enter or new users register. So, if you activate this system with a company, it will give you money for each user referred from your site that makes a purchase on your platform.

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of Google’s online advertising services. Adding your site to the AdSense network enables the automatic display of ads on your website, from which you receive economic benefits.

3. Sell Ad Space

The idea is to take advantage of the positioning of your content to sell advertising space to companies in your niche. This will allow you to offer your site as a profitable place so that companies interested in your audience can advertise their products or services.

4. Textlink Ads

Text Link Ads is an advertising system for websites. Unlike Google’s AdSense, it is not a contextual advertising system. Instead, advertisers select your site to put a link to their websites, link to which they pay an amount per month.

5. Banner Ads

A banner, also known as a banner ad, is a normally rectangular and placed above, below or on the sides of the main content of a website and which links to the advertiser’s website.

At first, the banners were ads with text images and graphics. Today, with technologies such as flash, banners are much more complex and can be ads with text, animated graphics, and sound.

6. RSS Adverts

RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It is a format based on the XML language that allows access to content through RSS readers, tools specifically developed for this purpose. The function of this type of services is to show a summary or index of the contents and news that a website has published, without even having to enter it.

7. Sell eBooks

It is one of the oldest monetization strategies on the web, which consists of using a site or a blog to promote an eBook on the subject that you like.

8. Product Reviews

Basically the same as affiliate marketing, but more obvious. You can write detailed reviews about products and post them on your site. Obviously, it is better to review the products that are related to your website, since it is serving your target audience. It does not make sense to write a detailed review of a solar panel for your roof if your website is about diving.

Many people can create a website solely based on product reviews, writing about a variety of topics such as hotels, vacations, cars, gadgets, movies, etc. If that product has an affiliate program, you can earn a lot of money with that.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is used to define the mass mailing of emails to a set of contacts. Sending an email marketing campaign is both an act of online communication and direct marketing. Its objective is to promote a message to a group of users through the inbox of their emails.

10. Sponsored posts

If your website or blog involves the organization of events, workshops, and others, you can find companies to sponsor them. Subsequently, at the beginning and at the end you must promote the sponsor. This type of advertising is seen a lot on television, especially in the sports section, many programs are sponsored to generate income.

The advantage of this method is that it offers the owners of blogs/websites more options to monetize every aspect of the site. Advertisers are attracted to sponsorship agreements because this allows them to access or more people, including specific audiences.

11. Create a Membership Site

A membership site is a site with private content that is accessed through prior registration, that is, becoming members. Memberships are usually charged monthly, from $ 5 to hundreds depending on the quality of the content.

12. Sell Online Courses

Online courses are revolutionizing education as we know it. Whereas before education was reserved for teachers and restricted to educational centers, now anyone can be a teacher and anyone can be a student.

13. Sell Digital Products

Online digital products are a form of passive income because they can be sold at anytime and anywhere without you having to be there to make the sale.

These are often things like DVDs, e-books, templates, reports or software programs that provide value for someone who needs them.

14. Ask For Donations

A tool for social organizations to improve the management of donations by credit card, simplifying as much as possible the process from the intention of the donation until it reaches the organization. It’s free and very easy to use.

15. Create a Job Board

You can create a web page that allows companies to share some job offers. You can charge small commissions for the list of jobs offered and also for the readers who will access the lists.

This method is used in many blogs and websites, so there is a lot of competition. Generally, they apply to larger websites because more visits have, more lists may offer.

16. Offer Consulting

People on the internet tend to seek specialized attention. If you are an expert in a subject (as you should be in which you manage in your blog) you can be an excellent consultant. Some people are willing to pay an extra for the fact of getting your specialized attention in the matter.

That does not mean you should just focus on this, you should continue to give your knowledge of the subject to all, however give the possibility to improve in this knowledge, making a payment per hour, where you will focus on the buyer of your time. For this you must have a fairly faithful and follow-up audience that you have managed to captivate enough with your blog. Build a reputation in your specialized attention and little by little you will get more people willing to pay for it

17. Use Content Lockers

You can place content on your website in which the user or visitor can access it. The content block is nothing more than hiding this information to which the user must pay or take any action to observe or download it.

18. Audio Advertising

If you produce audios and / or podcasts, you can search for advertisers and put their messages in your multimedia files. Depending on how you do it, advertising will be more or less invasive, and more or less effective.

19. Host paid webinars

A webinar is a course that is taught online, through a platform that allows a live transmission. Typically you see a presentation that is accompanied by the voice and explanations of the speaker. Online seminars are an excellent way to get new readers and subscribers to the blog.

20. Promote Your Web Host

A Web Host can be promoted in a good way by you. You can start earning money by doing this. There are some recognized hosting sites (Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.) and in that way refer to the public.

21. Website Flipping

You will think that it can be the last resort. The ideal site to offer your blog is Flippa, a market for buying and selling online assets.

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